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2021 Los Angeles Silver Screen Invitational Tournament Rules

A)    Sanctioning and Qualifying

1.     The 2021 Los Angeles Silver Screen Invitational Tournament (LASSI) is a USBC certified tournament — Tournament #04125.

2.     All participants must be members of USBC. Associate fees are $25.

3.     LASSI is a member of the International Gay Bowling Organization (IGBO).

a.     LASSI requires its participants to be members or associate members of IGBO. Associate membership forms will be available at the time of check-in ($25).

B)    Event Participation

1.     LASSI is a mixed handicap competition. Participation is by invitation only and entries can be denied.

2.     The tournament shall consist of handicap events as follows: Singles, Doubles, and Team.

3.     Each participant shall bowl three (3) games per event and must enter all three (3) events.

4.     Teams will consist of four (4) members comprising any combination of genders.

5.     Doubles partners must come from the same team.

6.     Each participant may only bowl once in each event.

7.     Professional bowlers may bowl in the LASSI. However, only one (1) professional bowler per team will be allowed.

a.      A professional bowler is defined as any person who has been a “card-carrying” member of a professional bowling organization within the thirty-six (36) months immediately     preceding the LASSI Tournament.

C)    Awards and Prizes

1.     All cash awards shall be based on the total pins plus assigned handicap for each event except for optional events as defined below.

2.     Awards will be given for the highest Singles, Doubles, Team, and Individual All Events scores.

3.     The awards ratio for each event shall be at least 1:10 except for Individual All Events.

4.     Individual All Events shall pay only a first-place position, regardless of the number of entries.

5.     A tie in any position will result in the sum of the prizes being aggregated for the tied positions and divided equally by the number of ties for that placement.

6.     Prizes will be distributed via check or electronic payment payable in US currency within thirty (30) days of the completion of the tournament, barring any protests.

D)    Entering Averages and Handicap


Any bowler entering LASSI must have an established ten-pin average acceptable to USBC. The following rules shall be used to determine entering averages:

1.     The bowler’s 2020-2021 standard composite average of at least 21 games shall be used unless;

2.     The bowler’s IGBO TAD covering the period November 16, 2020 thru November 15, 2021 with a minimum of eighteen (18) games is one (1) or more pins higher than rule D1, in which case IGBO TAD shall be used.

a.     For bowlers who register after October 31, 2021, the IGBO TAD in place at the time the bowler’s registration is completed and accepted shall be used.

3.     If neither of the above is available, the bowler’s 2019-2020 USBC composite average (including winter and summer leagues) with a minimum of 21 games.

4.     2020-2021 Fall/Winter league averages shall not be used unless none of the above are available. If none of the above are available, the highest November 15, 2021 average with a minimum of 21 games will be used.

a.     LASSI has opted out of USBC Rule 319(a)(2).

5.     Averages resulting from sport bowling leagues will be accepted using the USBC sport bowling average conversion chart to determine entering average if none of the above averages are available.

6.     If none of the above are available, an entering average equal to the Tournament Scratch Score as defined in Rule D10 below will be used.

7.     All bowlers must report ALL league and tournament averages of at least twenty-one (21) games INCLUDING those from non-sanctioned leagues tournament clubs, etc. whether those averages are reported to USBC or not. Failure to report such averages shall be cause for disqualification and forfeiture of any prize monies won regardless of whether the discovery is before, during or after tournament play.

8.     The above averages must be verified with one of the following documents:

· average verification

·       League standing sheet provided by and signed by league secretary

·       Photocopy of book average

·       IGBO TAD

9.     A bowler is required to adjust their entering average if, during the 12-month period immediately preceding LASSI, the cumulative average for all, but not less than, 21 tournament games in which the bowler has participated, exceeds the average used for entry by one (1) or more pins. It is the bowler’s responsibility to submit this adjustment, in writing, before the end of the first frame of tournament play. Failure to accurately report these scores shall be cause for disqualification and forfeiture of entry fees and prize winnings regardless of whether the discovery is before, during or after tournament play.

10.  The Tournament Scratch Score will be set equal to the highest entering average as of the cut-off date for the tournament. Should a substitution and/or bowler replacement be necessary after the entry cut-off date, the Tournament Scratch Score will NOT be affected.

11.  The per-game handicap for the tournament shall be based at 90% of the difference between the bowler’s entering average (as determined above) and the Tournament Scratch Score.

E)    Re-rate Policy


1.     The Tournament Director has the authority to adjust the entering average of any bowler in accordance with USBC rule 319(e). A bowler unwilling to accept an average adjustment shall be entitled to a full refund for that event.

2.     Average adjustments will be applied as set forth under USBC Tournament Rules. All average adjustments will be completed prior to any event.

3.     It is the bowler’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of their own entering average, whether originally submitted by the bowler, their team captain or others. If the submitted average is lower than required and results in a lower classification or more handicap, the bowler’s score is disqualified in accordance with USBC Rule 319(a)(3).

4.     LASSI has waived USBC Rule 319(d) and does not require bowlers to report winnings from prior tournaments.

F)     Attendance and Substitutes

1.     It is solely and entirely the bowler’s responsibility to be present at the assigned lanes at the time of bowling.

2.     Complete Doubles and Team entrants must be present for bowling each event. If a team member or doubles partner is not present, an authorized substitute may be used. If no substitute is available, a zero score will be used for the missing bowler(s) unless the absence is due to illness or injury as specified in rule F5 below.

3.     Late bowlers will begin bowling in the frame in which they are ready, with prior frames being scored as zero (0). No practice balls will be allowed for late bowlers.

4.     Substitutes may bowl at the discretion of the Tournament Director. Their entering average must comply with LASSI Rules.

5.     In the event a bowler cannot participate in the tournament or complete any single event due to illness or injury, an authorized substitute may be used.

a.     Substitutes may not begin bowling mid-game. The entry of a substitute must be at the beginning of a game.

b.     If no substitute is available, the injured/ill bowler may take their entering average minus ten (10) pins plus handicap as their score for any incomplete games in Doubles and Team events only. In the Singles event, an injured or ill bowler without a substitute shall take a score of zero (0).

c.     Bowlers who have withdrawn due to illness or injury will not be permitted to re-enter the tournament.

6.     There shall be ten (10) minutes of practice allowed before each event.

G)    Entry Requirements

1.     The entry fee shall be $109.00 with a penalty of $20 if after October 31, 2021.

2.     Entry must be completed online. The entry fee must be paid online by PayPal.

3.     Registration will close at midnight on November 15, 2021.

4.     Entries shall be limited to a maximum of 200 bowlers (50 teams). Once this maximum has been reached, no further entries shall be accepted.

                                     a.     Additional squads may be added at the discretion of Tournament Management provided said squad(s) are added prior to the start of the first event.

5.     Entries are not considered accepted without all required information and payment in full for the tournament entry and, if applicable, no discount.

6.     Partial team entries will be accepted and tournament management will make every effort to fill vacancies.

7.     Once an entry has been accepted, no refunds will be issued except as specified in rule E1.

8.     Free entry” certificates must be redeemed by October 31, 2021. Failure to register and redeem the certificate by this date renders the certificate void.

9.     No refunds shall be issued for bowlers who have failed to present the “free entry” certificate prior Bowlers who have “free entry” certificates must indicate such on their online entry and present said certificate prior to completing online payment to payment.

H)    Entry Fee and Prize Distribution

Entry Fee Breakdown

Lineage – $36.00

Banquet – $33.62

Prize Fund – $33.62

Expenses – $2.88

Prize Fund Distribution

Team – $16.50 per bowler

Doubles – $11.00 per bowler

Singles – $7.25 per bowler

All Events – $1.75 per bowler

I)      Protests

Any claim of errors or disputes must be submitted, in writing, to a tournament director within seventy-two (72) hours of the error/dispute. The protesting bowler(s) and the Tournament Director shall settle the dispute per LASSI and USBC Tournament Rules.

J)     General

• Any person attending LASSI who requires special assistance must notify the Tournament Director in writing prior to the tournament weekend.

• All bowlers will adhere to a one lane courtesy.

    LASSI shall offer optional events as follows:

Best 3 of 9

Entry: $10.00

Payout: 1:20

Each entering player’s highest three games plus handicap compared to all other entering player’s three highest games plus handicap.

Scratch Sidepots

Entry: $10.00

Payout: 1:25

The highest scratch game(s) of each event’s games will be paid out.

Handicap Sidepots

Entry: $10.00

Payout: 1:25

The highest handicap games of each event’s games will be paid out.

Optional Scratch

Entry: $10.00

Payout: 1:20

Will be based upon the highest 9-game scratch score of each entering player in each division. Will be a divisional event utilizing the same divisions as Optional Scratch Masters

Mystery Doubles

Entry: $25.00

Payout: 1:8

Rules are available on the LASSI website

Scratch Masters

Entry fees and rules are available on the LASSI website

Senior Optional (open to those 55 and older)

Entry: $10

Payout: 1:8

Women’s Optional [SCRATCH & HANDICAP]

Entry: $10 / $10

Payout: 1:8 / 1:8


Entry: $10.00

Rules are available on the LASSI website

The committee of LASSI reserves the right to remove optional events or offer additional events at their discretion.

Download PDF of LASSI Scratch Masters Rules

Check in for Optional Scratch Masters starts at 8:30 AM. 

Any bowler not checked in by 8:45 AM forfeits participation rights and will be replaced with the next available alternate.

Practice Starts at 9:00 AM

Tournament starts at 9:10 AM

Optional Scratch Masters Division Fee Schedule

1.     The Optional Scratch Masters event is available to all bowlers who participate in the LASSI tournament.

LASSI shall have 5 Divisions based on the following:

Top 15% of Entries –            A Division         $60

Next 20% of Entries –          B Division         $50

Next 20% of Entries –          C Division         $40

Next 20% of Entries –          D Division         $40

Lowest 25% of Entries –       E Division         $30

2.     The Scratch Masters prize fund is based solely on the number of participants (Lineage has been donated!)

3.     For each Division, the eight (8) entered entrants who bowl the highest nine-game scratch total from the handicap tournament shall qualify for the round-robin competition. In the event of a tie for 8th place, the bowler with the highest three-game scratch series (singles, doubles or team) shall advance. Scores achieved throughout the handicap tournament do not carry over to the Scratch Masters event.

4.     In the event that any division has less than eight (8) entrants, the entrants from that (short) division shall each have the option of receiving a refund of their Scratch Masters entry fees or of choosing to participate in the next highest division.

5.     A schedule specifying lane assignments for the first seven (7) games shall be provided to each qualifier during the check-in process. For the position round, the leader at of the end of the seventh game draws for the first lane to be assigned for the position round. All subsequent positions line up against the leader’s lane.

6.     Qualifiers shall be permitted 10 minutes of practice time prior to the start of the first match on any or all of the eight assigned lanes within their division. The 4 finalists shall be permitted no more than 3 (three) practice balls on each assigned lane prior to the start of the stepladder finals. Finalists who advance to the subsequent stepladder match shall not be permitted additional practice time. Practice time for all awaiting stepladder finalists shall be permitted on pre-designated lanes.

7.     Thirty (30) bonus pins shall be awarded to each winner of the first 8 games. In case of a tie, fifteen (15) bonus pins shall be added to each bowler.

8.     The top 4 bowlers in each division after the position round shall bowl in step-ladder form: 4th vs 3rd, 3rd vs 2nd, 2nd vs 1st. Scores achieved throughout round-robin competition shall not carry over to the stepladder finals. No bonus pins are awarded in the step-ladder finals. In the event of a tie during any game during the stepladder finals, a 9th and 10th frame roll-off shall determine which finalist advances.

9.      In the event of a tie for 1st through 4th place after the position round, a 9th and 10th frame roll-off shall determine which qualifier advances to the step-ladder finals starting with 4th vs 3rd, 3rd vs 2nd, and 2nd vs 1st.

10.  Any claims of error in the stepladder competition must be submitted to the Scratch Masters director prior to the start of the subsequent match. In the event of an error in the final match, 15 minutes shall be allowed to report and/or dispute any perceived error. All decisions made by the Scratch Masters director shall be final.

Download PDF of LASSI Choker Rules

Entry:         1. $10 Entry Fee. Your Badge will be marked as a paid entry. You will need your properly marked badge in order to bowl choker

                  2.Up to 100% of the entries shall be paid out. (see money distribution below).

                  3.The competition will take place at the Bowling Center after doubles on Saturday            11/20/21 (Approximately 5PM)

4.There shall be only 1 winner.

5.If you do not qualify your money will not be refunded.

6. You may enter before any game in the tournament, same cost ($10) you will simply have fewer possibilities to qualify. Games bowled prior to payment will not qualify.


1.    Pre-Register online or at check in or at the lanes

2.    During the 9 games of the tournament, you will have to get at least a 9 or a strike on the first ball in the 3rd, 6th and 9th frame of any one game.

a.    You do not need to pick up the single pin spare to qualify.

3.    You need and can qualify only once during the 9 game tournament.  “Extra” qualifying games are not transferable to anyone else.

4.    Upon qualification your badge must be marked as qualified before you leave your squad.


1.    All bowlers who sign up will draw a lane assignment at check in.

2.    All rounds shall be bowled on the same lane, you will not change lanes between rounds. The exception is for lane break downs.

3.    If there is more than 1 bowler on a lane you will always bowl the same order.

4.    Lanes will be reset before each round starts after validation of score

a.    Do not reset any lanes until/unless told to do so.

5.    Do not continue until next round is announced.

6.    If at the end all bowlers fail to qualify for the next round, then all those who qualified for the last round will continue until there is only 1 left standing.

Money Distribution:

1.    Up to 100% of collected entry funds goes to the Last Bowler Standing.

2.     The Last Bowler Standing will throw 1 ball. They will receive 10% for each pin knocked down. The rest will go to a charity of the Tournaments choice.


Download PDF of LASSI Mystery Doubles



1.    The Mystery Doubles event is open to all participants in the LASSI Tournament.


2.    The Mystery Doubles prize fund is based solely on the number of participants.


3.    Participants will use their LASSI Tournament average.


4.    The Mystery Doubles event will be held in conjunction with the singles event, therefore the scores for the three games bowled during the singles event will also be used for Mystery Doubles.


5.    If there is an odd number of participants in the event, the lowest handicap score will be dropped.


6.    T-Brac (or other similar program) will be used to shuffle the names and doubles partners assignments after all scores have been entered. Participants shall be randomly matched with any other person participating in the Mystery Doubles event regardless of sex or average.


7.    The scores of the randomly matched participants will be added together to get the top doubles scores.


8.    Payouts will be 1 in 8 entries.


9.    Results will be announced at the Banquet.